As part of the curatorial team, The Folks (Dan Johnson, Maria Otero, Brion Nuda Rosch) - our first task was exploring the history of the store.

Amanda Eicher had founded the Adobe Books Backroom Gallery ten years prior. In the front storefront, Eicher had painted a single line around the perimeter of the store.

The line represented our shared horizon - individuals standing with the genius of many.

For our first project as The Folks, we invited Amanda Eicher to return to this work. With the single prompt - “where do we stand now?”.

The result was a relationship map articulated from collective memory - it included every name that had contributed to the culture at Adobe Books.

After Adobe Books re-location from their original 16th Street location, in a vastly expanded form - “Genealogy” was recreated for the Oakland Museum and SFMOMA’s jointly organized “Fertile Ground: Art and Community in California”.

The work was later acquired by the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

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